Common Long Term Travel Mistakes: #RTWChat Recap



On May 31, 2016, I had the privilege to co-host a #RTWChat with BootsnAll Travel on Twitter about common long term travel mistakes and how to avoid them! I was both excited and nervous because I had never co-hosted a chat before and I barely even have any Twitter followers, so I totally didn’t want to come off as a noob.

So how does it work? You can either follow BootsnAll on Twitter, or just search the hashtag: #RTWChat. We ask followers a total of 10 questions. I’m supposed to come up with 5 questions about the topic that I would like to answer, while BootsnAll comes up with the other 5 questions. Coming up with the questions was probably the most stressful part because I’m labeled as an “expert co-host” — yikes!! Anyway, during the chat I retweet the questions that BootsnAll tweets, answer each question, and interact with other participants. Pretty simple, right? (Until I say something stupid… jk)

If you missed the chat (which is probably why you are here), you can read the recap below:






























And that’s the end of #RTWChat. I hope you learned something from my mistakes har har. It was loads of fun and I have never had my phone blow up with so many notifications before. I hope to co-host another chat again in the future! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @globetrotartist

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