Trying Swirle x Fung Bros Thai Rolled Ice Cream Pop-up

Thai rolled ice cream finally made its way to Seattle! But only for 3 days, which caused long lines because Asians love food. Swirle x Fung Bros brought a Thai rolled ice cream pop-up shop into Seattle’s Chinatown International District Sept 16 – Sept 18th from 12-8pm and the lines were LONG. My friends and I decided to go early on Saturday to try it out. Luckily Vicky and Mandy went a little earlier (about 11:30am – 30 mins before they open) to wait in line, while Caroline and I showed up a little later. I decided to vlog about it so I could keep myself entertained while waiting in line. You can watch the video below (Caroline is shy)! πŸ˜€

So what makes Thai rolled ice cream different from the usual ice cream? It’s made to order and you can watch it made right before your eyes! But don’t worry, it doesn’t take long and is quite entertaining to watch. I got the Strawnana, which is strawberry and banana. What they did first was throw the strawberry and banana onto their cold metal plate (let’s assume it’sΒ extremelyΒ cold) where they then chop it up with what looks like two scrapers. They then pour the liquid cream onto the chopped up fruit and continue to chop and mix the ingredients together as it freezes and firms up on the metal plate. It is then spread flat, then scraped into rolls and placed into the cup. The Strawnana also came with chocolate Pocky, chocolate syrup drizzled over it, and of course some slices of banana and a strawberry to top it off.


It was pretty good! It’s hard to review ice cream because all ice cream tastes good to me. It’s one of my weaknesses (french fries = my other weakness). If you like ice cream, you should definitely try rolled ice cream! But if you live in Seattle, well good luck. You’ll either have to patiently wait for the next pop-up or make your way to another city to find one of these, which makes a great excuse to travel!

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