Trying My First Kinder Surprise Egg

kinder egg
I saw this when I was passing by an aisle in a grocery store in Canada. A KINDER EGG! AMAZING!! To people outside of the United States, you’re probably thinking, “Uh, so what?” These are actually illegal in the U.S. because they are deemed a choking hazard to children by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), so Americans that have never stepped foot outside of the country have never seen one of these before. I know I was excited when I saw one, so I knew I had to try it! One egg costs $1 CAD (~$0.77 USD). Let’s take a look at it:

IMG_20160626_184353After peeling off the foil, a chocolate egg is revealed.

IMG_20160626_183845I took a bite off the top of the egg and a yellow capsule is inside. It looks a lot like a soy sauce egg (if you’re Chinese you know what I’m talking about.) The chocolate was really soft! I was expecting it to be hard, but it’s melt in your mouth soft.

IMG_20160626_184623I ate all the chocolate around the capsule. The chocolate surprisingly didn’t stick to the capsule. I’m glad it wasn’t messy!

IMG_20160626_185357Squeeze the capsule in the middle and it opens up to reveal your toy. I got a cute Chewbacca toy 😀

IMG_20160626_183616My precious Kinder Eggs!! These are so fun! I can see kids loving these things. I wanted to smuggle them across the border to bring back home but I didn’t want to risk getting detained or fined $1,200 per egg for something that costs less than $1, so I had to gobble these up in the car before reaching the border. Until we meet again, precious Kinder Eggs!

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