Seattle Chinatown-ID Night Market 2016

Night MarketThis past weekend,Β I went to Seattle’s annual Chinatown-International District Night Market, which was on September 10, 2016 4:00pm – midnight. King Street was closed off and filled with people, vendors, and of course, food! We drove around trying to find street parking for 30 mins, but finally gave up and just paid to park in a lot. We arrived at the night market at around 7:30pm and it was PACKED full of people.


Night MarketA LOT of people.


Night MarketI saw my friend working at his booth serving ice cream and macarons. He looked too busy for me to say hi to, so I took this stalker photo of him.


Night MarketBesides food and craft booths, there was also a stage with different performances throughout the night. On stage was the Sweet 16 All-Styles Battle when I was there.


You can also watch this video for a quick run-through of the night market. It was loud there, so turn on cc if you can’t hear me! (Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel)


Night MarketAfter a warm night of drowning in a sea of people with the pungent smell of stinky tofu in the air (it smells like dog shit), we ended up not eating anything from the vendors because the lines were ridiculously long. I know, we are lame! And plus I am still poor from all my traveling haha that’s all for this year’s night market. See you next time!

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