Men’s Beaded Lion Bracelets

black frost onyx agate and hematite stone

Don’t worry, boys, I have jewelry for you too! While in Europe, I noticed most of the men there wore bracelets. They were very stylish yet masculine, so I decided to just make a few to sell at a festival earlier this year. It started with one man coming to my booth and buying two bracelets. After purchasing them, he even turned back around to my booth and gave me tip! I got confused because no one ever tipped me before, so I stared at him as he walked away. I saw him walk up to his friend and showed him the bracelets he bought from me. Suddenly, that friend walked over to my booth to buy the same bracelet! Throughout the day, man after man came to my booth to look for my bracelets haha! Surprisingly, these have been my best selling items. Who knew men loved bracelets so much?! I started noticing a lot of American men wearing bracelets lately. I feel like this trend started in late 2015 and really boomed in 2016. Most jewelry makers cater towards women where the market is over-saturated, while the men get ignored, but hey, that’s where I come in! Take a look below at the different styles I currently have available:

Black frost onyx agate 10mm bead bracelet with gold lion


Black frost onyx agate 10mm bead bracelet with silver lion


Glass black 10mm bead bracelet with gold lion


Glass black 10mm bead bracelet with silver lion


Hematite stone 10mm bead bracelet with silver lion


They look good alone


And even stacked!


Each bracelet is $15 + shipping and can be purchased here. I ship out within 1-2 business days. Depending on the time of day you order it, I’ll even ship it the same day you put in an order! These make great gifts either for yourself or the stylish man in your life. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner 😉

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