Europe 2017 Teaser Video

What a trip!

If you’ve been following along with me on my Instagram stories, then you’d know that this past trip to Europe was my most random one yet. That’s what happens when I go somewhere last minute without doing any research or planning. Luckily, I had my Instagram followers decide where I would go and what I would do during this trip with the help of Instagram’s polls. I wasn’t even going to go to Florence but my followers voted for me to go to Florence and it ended up being my favorite part of my entire trip. I created this teaser video as a sort of love letter to two beautiful cities: Florence & Paris. Unfortunately, the quality had to be lowered in order for me to post it on Instagram but I hope you enjoy this short teaser anyway. This was shot entirely with a little refurbished Canon point-and-shoot camera, believe it or not!


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